2022/03/16 Finally, the mini album "Epitaph" has been released today!

Finally, the mini album "Epitaph" has been released today!


The long-awaited mini album "Epitaph" was released today on March 16th!
Have you checked it out, everyone?

TVXQ's first Japanese original mini album released! The two of them were even more enthusiastic about shooting so that we could deliver a cool figure to the Bigeast people who are waiting in Japan!

In this STAFF REPORT, we will deliver to Bigeast everyone the appearance of the two at the scene at the time of jacket shooting and MV shooting!

First of all, from the off-shot when shooting the jacket!
This time, in the set where you can feel the stylish atmosphere unified in monotone, both of them wore black costumes.
The strong and dignified appearance of the two, who are even more powerful than before, conveys their strong feelings for this work ^^

Shooting with a serious expression continued, but when I pointed the camera at the off-shot to everyone at Bigeast, he decided to pose with his usual gentle expression!

Next, in the jacket shooting of the Bigeast official shop limited edition, we changed to casual clothes!
It was a warm photo like a Bigeast board, which makes you feel as if you are spending a relaxing time together ^^
The two were in relaxed mode during the shoot.

And in the MV where the full version was released today, you can wear a tie and a suit tightly for the first time in a long time, or you can wear a cool leather jacket in a contrasting set of black and white. I was able to see the appearance!

Pose towards Bigeast in a contrasting black and white set!
Looking at the picture I took, they both laughed, "Isn't it like a composite picture? (Laughs)" ^^

And of course, we will also send you pictures of suits!
It's an off-shot of the two who gave a peace sign to the camera between the shoots ^^

The two who continue to evolve have created a new world view that has never been seen before, and the result is a powerful music video.

From hard dance tunes to soothing message songs, listen to a lot of the mini album "Epitaph" released today, which is full of the charm of TVXQ, and have a good time watching a lot ♪


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