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TIME 14p

What do you do to recharge yourself?

TIME : U-KNOW When I’m alone, I either meet my friends or try to do things that I normally do when I’m not working. I go to the market or even visit a museum. If I decide on a theme of the day, then I make sure to do everything that’s related to it. Recently, I went to Gangwon-do, ate delicious food, went to the beach, took pictures and kept a journal of my thoughts and feelings along with the pictures I took. I think this helps me recharge myself.

TIME : MAX Some might feel it’s quite boring but I like to comfortably watch TV at home, read books, take a walk or even go hiking.I also do things that I have wanted to try or learn. Sometimes I go grocery shopping, cook, wash the dishes, and clean the house. I think I enjoy the stillness rather than being overly active; like fishing. I actually want to recommend couple of books to our fans, and I think classics are the best. There are classics that you have to reread as you grow older. And among those, I want to recommend Le Petit Prince.I started to see new perspectives that I didn’t catch before, which made me realize why this book has surpassed many generations and earned its title as a classic.

What is the one thing that TVXQ! wants to make time for?

TIME : MAX I really want to get a cooking certification for either Western or Korean cuisine. I want to be able to see people smiling as they eat the food I cooked for them. I enjoy drinking, so I found joy in serving food that pairs well with the drinks.

If you have the chance to either go back in time or visit the future, which would TVXQ! choose? Why?

TIME : MAX I want to visit the future. In the past, I used to be curious about what it would’ve been like if I had lived an ordinary life. But I’m satisfied with who I am today, so I’d rather visit the future. I’m curious to see who I’m surrounded by in the future and whether the people that I value at this moment would still be by my side. I think TVXQ! will still be there. Although we won’t be actively working as much as we are right now, I still believe that I’ll be continuously living as a member of TVXQ!.


Timeless vs. Trendy?

TIMELESS : U-KNOW Timeless. Trendiness is important, too, but first one should have their own distinctive “color or scent”. That fundamental “color or scent” can be transformed into something trendy. If you seek for trendiness without having your own color, then that wouldn’t be you. I’m making an effort to build my own signature “color or scent” so that people could identify “U-KNOW”. So when trendiness is blended into that , it will create a more distinctive “color” of myself.

Even though time passed. What is the one thing that you consider to be the best aspect of one another?

TIMELESS : U-KNOW MAX is really good at concentrating. He tends to practise a lot on things that he likes and needs to be focused on. And he wouldn’t let me know what he’s been working on until it’s somewhat complete. He’s tenacious; when he feels that he needs to achieve something. He really digs into it. And this is a good motivation to me, and benefits both of us. Maintaining his own pace is another great strengtH of MAX. He’s the type to steadily get things done at his own pace. While I’m the type to be more expressive. We balance each other well.

TIMELESS : MAX U-KNOW is the person whose passion is unrivaled. I believe his passion was the driving force behind our team that has brought me here. I think U-KNOW has the fiercest passion in the world, where none can come close to. And I think I’m the world’s best in supporting his passion. Haha.

TALK 30p

The strength word hold.

TALK : U-KNOW I am a person who believes in the strength of words. Some people who have met me in person would leave episodes online. I always tell people who I meet that it’s worth chasing after your dreams. And those who have met me would say that it was a memorable moment and has given them great strength. That made me feel that each and every single one of my words are important. I have seen many of our fans and juniors fulfilling their dreams through the words I said. There was actually a time when I had met my juniors when they were trainees, and I encouraged them by telling them to meet me on stage soon as I handed my autograph. I really did meet some of them on stage. And you know that I’m the person that heads straight towards my goals no matter what. This might because I’m really passionate, but it’s more because I want to be responsible for what I’ve said by giving it all I got without regrets. I think that’s the strength that words carry, and I’m able to learn and grow through that journey even if I do fail.

TALK : MAX I’ve frequently told our fans that studying is necessary in order to fulfill their dreams. I told them to study hard since it’s for their own benefit, which was something I hated to hear when I was young, but found myself telling this to our fans as I grew older and understood the significance of those words. After time had passed, some of my fans told me that they were able to go to a good college or become top of their class through my words. This made me realize that my words are capable of changing someone’s life and make them head towards a new dream.

What do you talk about the most together after being discharged from the military?

TALK : U-KNOW I think we talked about our future as TVXQ! the most, and how to show more characteristics of MAX and U-KNOW without losing TVXQ!’s identity. We’re in the process of finding which “colors” would fit each of us since it’s as important to develop ourselves for us to continuously perform as TVXQ!. We also discussed about figuring out a way to connect with the public and interact with our fans more. That’s why we recently started Instagram to do so. And I used to tell MAX about keeping ourselves in good shape, so we made sure to hear from people that we improved after returning from the military. Of course we discuss a lot about the music we’d like to focus on as well.


What does “fate” mean to you?

TITLE : U-KNOW The fact that I became a member of TVXQ! and met MAX is fate. I wonder sometimes whether I would’ve been able to meet him if I hadn’t become a member of TVXQ!. I’m thankful that I got meet MAX and the good people around me. I never thought of us receiving so much love consistently for 15 years, so I’m really thankful to our fans. I believe the circumstances have changed for many of our fans during those 15 years as well. Some may have become parents and others may be chasing after their dreams. I think our fans have grown beautifully along with us through TVXQ!. So I’m thankful for being a part of TVXQ!, and I truly believe it’s fate.



When did you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment?

VICTORY : U-KNOW Our fans often write letters to us, and I have kept all of them at home. There's a lot, so I'm doing my best to read all of them, but I still have a long way to go. Among the letters, there was one from a little boy outside of Korea who wrote with his limited Korean skills that he wants to become an influential person just like me, U-KNOW, when he grows up. That made me realize I've become an influential figure who affects people through my music and performances, which made me feel a greater responsibility. These thoughts left a memorable impression on me.

VICTORY : MAX I once went on a trip to Italy by myself. Due to my schedule, I couldn't stay for too long, but I got to stay for about a week and visited cities like Rome and Firenze. I've always had a team of staff helping me out when we go abroad, so I wanted to do everything myself from start to finish, such as making hotel reservations and booking flights. When I arrived in Italy, I was afraid and nervous at first. But I managed to purchase train tickets, order food, and made friends along the way not knowing the language. Through this experience, I was able to grow and it became one of the best and meaningful memories as I look back. I really want to go traveling by myself to another country. And I hope our fans could also have a similar experience even if it's not going abroad, but it has to be a safe one.

What's your definition of "victory" in life?

VICTORY : U-KNOW MAX often mentions that I'm all about victory and passion. I think victory in life is something that is continuous as in "-ing" rather than a "period". I personally don't prefer the word "victory" because it seems like it's a past tense; as something that's been achieved already. If I have to express what "victory" means to me, then defining it as the ability to continuously promote and to show different sides of me would be the best fit. And personally as "Jung Yunho", it's about spending time with people who are dear to me such as my family and staffs. Because I've been with SM for as long as I have been in school during my lifetime, I recently thought about spending more time and talking about our worries together with the seniors and juniors at our company in that sense.

VICTORY : MAX Victory can be defined in many ways, but I think the literal meaning of "victory" is about winning in a competition. However. I personally think that victory in life is more about being free from winning or losing.


Did you do anything that was meaningful to you today?

VALUE : U-KNOW To be honest, my values as a TVXQ! member and my personal values were different before I went to the military. I have lived as TVXQ!'s "U-KNOW" since my senior year of high school, but it seems as if "Jung Yunho" stopped there. There were a certain gap between the two. TVXQ! has gained immense popularity and many have recognized us. Apart from being a member of TVXQ!. I felt like as if "Jung Yunho" was still a high school student. However, this all changed when I went to the military as it has given me the opportunity to grow in many ways, and the two values within me became one. I always tell myself to live each day with joy and to make it meaningful. Then, my life would eventually be more special and meaningful. I want to be recognized as a person who really emits positive energy instead of being acknowledged just through my work.

VALUE : MAX One of my hobbies is reading, and I enjoy it because I'm able to gain knowledge and understand more about others' thoughts and lives. Reading also provides a learning experience where I could develop different perspectives by bringing everything together. These days I'm reading a book called Food as Common Knowledge, and it's about different kinds of food, stories of the origin, and history of food. Getting to know the history as well as being able to develop different perspective on food and learning how to cook it makes me in new knowledge on how l could actually apply them later.


Any memorable destination or that you would like to recommend?

VACATION : U-KNOW I've been to many places for work, but I would like to recommend Italy out of all the places. I really love looking at the sky, and I felt like the skies in Italy were so close that I could touch it. The weather was amazing, so it was quite refreshing as well. If I have to chance, I would like to definitely visit Italy again for vacation someday and freely travel from places to places through trains. In Korea, I liked Tongyeong. And I also had the chance to see the sea when I went on a trip to Gangwon-do recently. I think the places that I like to visit depends on the season. For summer, it's nice to visit vacation spots with beaches, and during winter, I like to go somewhere where the scenery is nice and somewhere I could rest. That's how I choose where to go. I think Jeju Island is nice during springtime as well. But I think it's more about who you go with rather than where you go. I hope our fans get to go travelling with people close their hearts or with good people.

VACATION : MAX I guess it depends on the type of trip you prefer, but Switzerland comes to my mind first at moment. I've been to Switzerland before with friends and it had a amazing view and fresh air. Being within the vast nature made me think that human presence is so small within nature. During my trip, I've also gone paragliding. walked around the valley, and cliff-jumped from a waterfall. To be honest, I don't enjoy extreme sports that much, but I liked the fact that it felt as if I had become one with nature. I even got to sce the infamous landmark, Zermatt, which is known to be the iconic logo of a famous film company.  Since I thought of revisiting this beautiful place with my family, I wanted to share and recommend Switzerland to our fans as well. It'll be worth it!


X (10) 74p

What would TVXQ! be like in 10 years?

X (10) : U-KNOW I'm hoping that we will be able to hold concerts that are based more on diverse concepts rather than large concerts or tours in 10 years. Some concerts could be in like a small theatre for a number of families or for couples, while other concerts could be strictly for our fans. Can't you picture MAX and me consistently performing such concerts of different concepts together even after 10 years?

X (10) : MAX I think TVXQ! will be like a platform that connects one another. Also it'd be great to hold concerts for families as well. We'll have to make a lot of effort to make that happen. It's not easy to become an artist who is loved by many generations, so it'll be all up to us.


What is the unknown for TVXQ!?

X (UNKNOWN) : U-KNOW There's many. I'm in the process of searching for new things that I would like to try as "U-KNOW" and as "Jung Yunho" as well These days I'm interested in stage planning and directing. Recently after watching 'The Greatest Showman', it dawned upon me that I want to make a show out of our lyrics one day. And to fulfill this, I've been studying but I still got a long way to go.

X (UNKNOWN) : MAX I've thought about this recently as well and I feel like the most ordinary things feel unknown to me. I've never gone on a school trip during middle and high school, and I also didn't have the chance to go to 'MT (Membership Training), which is a college bonding trip in Korea. Things as ordinary as these are of the unknown and what I admire at the same time.


Under what name you guys are saved in each other's phone? Why?

X (UNKNOWN) : U-KNOW I'm curious, too... MAX is saved as "My CHANGMIN". Haha. I think I unconsciously think that way. We're a part of TVXO!, so I'm very used to saying "my or our" We might have opposite tendencies but are very similar when it comes to what we value. It's just that the way we express things are different. Anyway, it's "My CHANGMIN"!

X (UNKNOWN) : MAX It's just "U-KNOW Hyung". Hahahaha. It's not as interesting as our fans would have liked it to be. I have my siblings saved as their names or saved as "my younger so and so". I have my mother saved as "Madam", so I don't really place much affections into the contact names on my phone. Haha.

XV (15) 92p

Tips to staying together as a team for 15 years?

XV (15) : MAX We've got along very well. Haha We were able to stay as a team together this long because we understood and respected each other for who we are. There's no right or wrong answer for being different people. We used to argue in the past because we had different opinions. But since we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses now we don't have to force ourselves to accommodate everything. Its simpler to be a team by accepting and understanding each other for who we are.


What does 15th anniversary mean to TVXQ!?

XV (15) : MAX I turn exactly thirty this year and the fact that it's our 15th anniversary shows that I've lived as TVXQ! for half of my life. I think it's a beautiful thing that I could proudly state that half of my life was with TVXQ!. It makes something important when it takes up half of one's life. And I'm thankful for the happiness and love l received from so many people by living as a member of TVXQ!. This has given me the nourishment to grow not only as an artist but as an individual. TVXQ! itself is my lifelong companion as it plays a significant role in my life.


What would you like to tell yourself for carrying out your 15 year career?

XV (15) : MAX I want to be honest since it's to myself. I wasn't a kid who dreamt of becoming an artist to begin with. I'm not trying to boast that I was able to come this far even though it was not my dream to become an artist. What I'm really trying to say is that I'm still amazed by the fact that I'm standing here today as TVXQ! when becoming an artist never crossed my mind 15 years ago. It was challenging to try something new but I think I adjusted well, and now it has become my true dream. This challenge has led me into trying other new things. Along with U-KNOW and other people around me, I have constantly competed against others and against myself up to this day. But now I want to break away from the competition and live my life fully by enjoying each and every moment. I would like to tell myself to encourage, be considerate to one another, and to continue on being a good influence as a member of TVXQ! and as an individual.

XV (15) : U-KNOW I want to hear that I've done well. I actually thought about this recently, and I might get emotional if someone sincerely tells me that I've done well. I also want to say that "I trust you and that I'll trust you no matter what decision you make".



Do you have a question that you ask yourself every day?

QUESTION : U-KNOW I do. I ask myself every day if I'm having fun. Everyone has days when the and days when they're down and I do as well. People always tell me that it seems c an "OFF" button because I'm always energetic. But I'm a person who has a hard time dealing with things that I'm not enjoying. So I always ask myself whether I'm having fun. If not, then I make an effort to enjoy it to keep things up.


What is the life changing question for you?

QUESTION : MAX It's a question that I've often seen from a book or heard from a television program. It was a question similar to 'what makes you happy the most? I've tried to find answers to the question in each moment of my life and have grown looking for those answers. And I found happiness during those moments. I want to share the happiness that I felt with many others, including our fans since that is what happiness means to me.


The question you would like to ask one another.

QUESTION : MAX It's actually more of a wish rather than a question; I want to tell U-KNOW to allow himself some space so that he could comfortably enjoy what he does. When it comes to work, U-KNOW is a perfectionist, so I wish he could ease off a bit and not be so hard on himself since it'll be harder for him if he pushes himself too much.

What questions are you asked the most during the day?

QUESTION : U-KNOW I'm always asked whether I'm not tired. Staffs ask me whether I'm not worn out and if I'm okay. I just had someone asking me that today as well. Of course there are times when I'm worn out. Haha


What question would you like to ask your fans?

QUESTION : U-KNOW I want to ask whether they are having fun. And I wish they could make a habit of asking themselves how their day was before going to sleep. I think this could comfort them and also add more meaning to their lives. And that way, it will go more breadth of mind when thinking about others as well.

QUESTION : MAX Are you happy with your loved ones or with those who are dear to you? What makes you happy? Aren't you constricting yourself for being self-conscious of what others might think of you?


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